Edith Habrakens “In the footsteps of the drummers of Basel”


The english translation of “Doublés mien grällele” – the book about the Basel drummung and their secrets.


The art of drumming in Basel has always been fascinating. It has inspired and influenced jazz, pop and classical drummers inside and outside Europe. But what is it that makes this Basel drumming so special?

Edith Habraken wrote “Doublés mien grällele”, the first book about the secrets of Basel drumming. In it, she sketches the coherent history from the phonetic drum text to the emergence of Basel drum notation in the last century. The texts are peppered with vivid explanations, critical interpretations and revealing references to the present day.

A special highlight of the book are the calligraphic, full-page drum compositions, which the author herself put on paper. They invite the listener to play the drums.

If you are looking for a practical introduction to the world of drumming, you will find the corresponding chapter in the book as well as the enclosed DVD. In addition to drum lessons, it contains videos of the “Gässle” and the Cortège during the Basel Fasnacht as well as recordings of the virtuoso drumming skills of Edith Habraken.

„Dear Edith, you would be happy to know that I use your book and the DVD in my History of Percussion to show them what Basel Drumming is all about. And you are the perfect person to show them in an excellent manner. Your playing is superb. You have captured the style, sound and approach to Basel Drumming“. John Beck.


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